Printed Preschool cards

Printed Preschool cards


This is the pre school set which is aimed at pre school children and those in the early years.The idea is to develop the skills needed to be able to access the cards that follow while encouraging independence and concentration skills. Skills and learning included in this pack Colours Numbers Number recognition Creating pictures Fine motor skills Ice cream parlour recipes (following instructions) Patterns Develop children's imagination as well as their independence by using loose parts to complete the card.


There is a choice of 2 types of finishing


350gsm silk cards (not laminited)


Hardwearing (greaceproof, tearproof and waterproof) doublesided  cards

Some of the cards need the Grapat mandala pieces but for most of them this is not a necessity and you can use anything found in the home and garden.


 Any questions please feel free to send me a message and I can sort any problems.


There are other cards for older children available in my listings. There are approximately 80 activities as part of this set.